5 Holiday Outfits to Wear

The holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself and indulge in some festive cheer. The prospect of throwing on some gorgeous clothes and enjoying the holiday season has never been more alluring. 

Whether you’re a fan of casual wear, nerdy Christmas sweaters, or sleek evening dresses, feel free to wear what makes you feel good – there really are no rules or restrictions!

To help you put together the perfect outfits to suit your style and personality, we’ve curated a brief guide to holiday wardrobes in 2021. Read on and start getting creative with fashion today!

Outfit #1. A huggable pullover with a classic pair of jeans 

fleece pullover


If you’re a fan of feeling cozy and comfortable, why not stick to a classic fuzzy pullover and jeans combo? YUCO’s Sherpa Fleece Pullover is a great example of a super comfortable top you can snuggle up in after the sun goes down. Match it with a sleek pair of jeans that hug your shape to embrace a casual yet chic look. You could even top it off with a festive set of earrings or an elegant pair of heels if you’re willing to experiment and impress guests.

For those who prefer their winter tops a little more colorful or detailed, there’s nothing stopping you from going all out with a chunky Christmas-themed sweater. From sophisticated holly leaves to lovable snowmen, there are plenty of awesome designs out there to lift the spirit throughout the holiday season. For guidance, here are a few of our favorite holiday sweater examples straight from Instagram: 



Just remember to pair your top with jeans that flatter your body type, as this will make you feel as confident and happy as possible. Straight jeans are having a moment right now, with many fashionistas wearing them turned up with wintry heeled boots. However, feel free to opt for classic skinny, wide-leg, or relaxed shapes to suits your body and personal tastes.   

Outfit #2. Sleek leggings with an evening top to turn heads 


Are you wondering how to combine unbeatable comfort with sparkly evening wear? Look no further than YUCO’s high-rise liquid leggingsAvailable in both black and berry, these leggings are amazingly breathable and stretchy, as well as super glossy and flattering. A pair of these will look amazing with a sequined top or sophisticated sheer shirt, allowing you to combine comfort with style throughout the festive holiday! Forget everything you thought you knew about activewear – 2020 is the year to embrace breathable, unrestrictive garments that allow you to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in any situation. 

yuco liquid leggings in berry@yucous

If all of that weren’t enough, rest assured that these leggings will become your favorite new workout garment. On top of being stylish and affordable, they are made to last, boasting high-performance fabric perfect for hitting the gym, going for a run, cycling, or performing yoga. After all, January is a great time for pursuing your fitness goals – let’s make the upcoming year a positive one!

yuco liquid leggings in berry

Wondering what kind of evening top to pair with your leggings? Off-shoulder tops are proving to be a hit this year, as well as slinky sequined numbers or anything sheer. Here are a few of our favorite inspirational images from Pinterest:



Don’t forget that spending the holiday at home doesn’t have to mean early nights and dull board games. Slip into a glamorous outfit, hit play on your favorite tracks, and dance your way into 2022 with those closest to you!

Outfit #3. A ‘house dress’

The so-called house dress trend has become a major fashion statement in 2021 thanks to the increased amount of time many of us are spending indoors.  


As the name suggests, house dresses are loose, floaty items that are great for working from home or simply sitting on the couch. They are cozy, attractive, flattering, and great for people who would like to wear something a little more feminine than sweatpants and pajamas while lounging around the house. 

Most house dresses come in midi or maxi lengths and feature drop waists or smocking. Although they are often made from light materials such as linen and cotton, they can be layered up to ensure you stay warm and protected through the winter months. 

We recommend wearing a toasty thermal top and supportive sports bra under your house dress to ensure you stay feeling as warm and relaxed as you deserve. Our liquid bras serve this purpose well and even come with removable pads if you want to create a curvy and contoured shape. 

In terms of dress styles, here are a few that caught our eyes:

Instagram @fibreanddwell


Outfit #4: Seasonal pajamas

One of the best things about the 2021 festive season is that you have a cunning excuse to spend all day in your nightwear if you desire. Forget tight-fitting dresses and ankle-destroying heels – loose clothing has become the ‘new normal’ and we’re totally here for it! 


Fortunately, pajamas are just as versatile as daytime garments as they are as nightwear and come in a wide array of different colors and varieties. A few of the most popular pajama styles include:

  • Silk styles for a deluxe feel: If you want to feel pampered this year, why not invest in a set of sleek silk pajamas? They feel amazing to the touch and will exude an air of classiness sure to satisfy your fashion-conscious friends and family members.  
  • Christmas pajamas: Nothing screams festive cheer like a set of fluffy pajamas adorned with snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and presents. Don’t be afraid to embrace this look – it’s sure to put a smile on people’s faces!
  • Check pajamas: Check pajamas look wonderful next to a roaring festive fire and are sure to put you in the mood for celebrating. Team with thick socks, some natural-looking makeup and a mug of hot cocoa. 

 Here are just a few of the fabulous winter pajamas we’ve spotted lately:




Outfit #5: A sweater dress with bare legs or leggings

Sweater dresses are fantastic for fashionable women who like to stay warm but love a feminine look. There are plenty of gorgeous varieties of sweater dress out there, most of which can be easily dressed up or down by adding layers of chunky jewelry, figure-hugging belts, or statement footwear. 

In fact, we have a soft spot for plain knitted dresses paired with bold, thigh-high boots. This look works well with bare legs, allowing you to show just a flash of skin while staying nice and toasty when it’s cold outside. Just remember to complete the look with a floor-length coat, a leather handbag, and chunky rings. You’re sure to turn heads even if you’re only taking a trip to the store! 

Of course, if you’re concerned about staying warm or would prefer a more laid-back look, you can pair the dress with some stylish leggings. YUCO's black high-rise leggings would look stunning with almost any sweater dress, including patterned and the colorful varieties. Wear them with dainty flats, classy silver jewelry, and a plaid scarf for a lesson in ultimate winter chic.

Are you still looking around for inspiration? Here are just a few of our favorite sweater dress looks curated by instagram influencers: 





Start planning your holiday outfits today!

So, there you have it. 2021 may have been an another unusual year but, as we’ve demonstrated, now is the time for fashionistas everywhere to shine. If you’ve been feeling a little low about the lack of parties going on at the moment, take comfort in the fact that your favorite outfits are not going to waste. From Zoom calls to family gatherings, there are still plenty of excuses to get glammed up and feel great about yourself. 

Browse YUCO’s range of best-sellers today to find clothes that will see you through the winter holidays. Whether you wear them around the house or while getting some much-needed exercise, our clothes are sure to become an integral part of your wardrobe now and well into the future.